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RGSA Summer Kickball

About RGSA Kickball

Started in 2022, the RGSA Kickball League was designed to provide a FUN, safe, teamwork and movement-based experience where boys and girls play together without the pressure and physical demands required by most sports. Our goal is simple; to help youth understand and experience that the true reward of playing is about the experience, not the end result of winning or losing! If we can help re-focus or change their mindset, then we strongly believe that we can create a community of life-long movers. We will accomplish this by operating a fantastic program that FOCUSES ON:

  • Having fun

  • Making friends

  • Personal Fitness

  • Experiencing growth and success

  • Learning a team sport

  • Building self-esteem

PLEASE NOTE: We designed this program as an INTRODUCTORY SPORT; A GREAT LEAD IN ACTIVITY TO OTHER SPORTS. Our focus is on 8 weeks of participation, fun, and movement, and not so much on performance! Your child will have 1 official practice day and a minimum of 8 games. Head Coach-Umpires will not be asked, expected, or required to plan or provide any additional practices during the kickball season. All teams, regardless of  their record, will be celebrated because we will NOT have an end of season tournament/playoffs, a champion will NOT be declared, and trophies will NOT be handed out.